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CXMedicare LED700+500 Shadowless Lamp

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Deep cavity irradiation function: One-key deep cavity function, which can irradiate the light source into the deep cavity and provide precise illumination in the deep operation area…

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Product advantages and features

CX Medicare LED shadowless light provide solutions for precise and efficient surgical illumination, better for surgeries good for doctors and patients.

Deep cavity irradiation function: One-key deep cavity function, which can irradiate the light source into the deep cavity and provide precise illumination in the deep operation area.

Color temperature adjustment: The lamp head is equipped with "Osram" LED lamp beads with different color temperatures to ensure tissue discrimination for various operations. In the case of maintaining a color rendering index of 85, the color temperature can be adjusted between 3000K and 6700K; thus achieving the best tissue resolution.

Bright and uniform illumination: The light beam emitted by the LED light source is focused in the surgical area through a specially designed high-performance lens to form a light field that meets the requirements of surgical lighting; the maximum illumination can reach 160.000LUX.The brightness of the LEDs is steplessly regulated digitally, and the illuminance of each lamp head can be adjusted separately.

Very low failure rate: The lamp head has a very low failure rate, and the failure of a single LED will not affect the function of the lamp head.

Convenient focus adjustment: with the manual focus system, bright and uniform shadowless lighting effects can be achieved, and the maximum illuminance can be achieved within the adjustment range of the spot, which not only meets the requirements of large spot and high illumination for open major surgery, but also meets the requirements of conventional window surgery The required small spot and high illumination requirements.

Low heat generation: The greater advantage of LEDs is that they generate less heat because they emit almost no infrared or ultraviolet rays.

Average Lifespan: LED lights have an advantage over traditional halogen or gas lights in that they have a very long lifespan. Traditional lights usually have to be replaced after 600 to 5,000 hours of use, and the average lifespan of LED lights is 100,000 hours.

Energy saving: use 1W lamp beads and use 3D software to simulate the spatial position, and complete the established performance indicators with the least arrangement of lamp beads.

The turbulence design conforms to the laminar flow, so that the purified laminar air can easily move with the streamline of the surgical light, and the lamp head can maintain a better working temperature, which effectively guarantees the service life of the LED lamp beads.

Luxury spring arm, strong and durable, light and flexible. The light head can be easily rotated 360° and precisely positioned at the ideal position. The lamp arm has a wide range of motion and can be applied to operating rooms under different building conditions. The detachable handle cover can be sterilized at a high temperature of 135°C, and can operate the focus, position and angle of the lamp body.

Working environment conditions:
a) Ambient temperature +10—+40°C;
b) The relative humidity is 30% to 75%;
c) Atmospheric pressure (500-1060) hPa;
d) Power supply voltage and frequency AC 220V±22V 50HZ±10HZ.

Main product technical data

Term 700 Led 500 Led
Illumination 60000~180000Lux 50000~160000Lux
Color temperature 3000~6700K 3000~6700K
Color rendering index /Pa ≥96% ≥96%
Spot diameter Φ150~260mm Φ150~260mm
Beam depth 600~1200mm 600~1200mm
Brightness/color temperature adjustment range 1%~100% 1%~100%
Bulb type LED LED
Bulb life ≥60000h ≥60000h
Bulb quantity 80 48
Input power 100W 80W
Deep cavity mode Support Support
Mount method Fixed
Emergency power supply Optional

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