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CX-JQT2 Double arm mechanical endoscope Pendant

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Swinging arm length: 730+730mm; range of motion (radius): 530+530mm; Horizontal rotation angle: 0-340°, and the net load is ≥150kg, the crossbar and column can rotate simultaneously.

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Product Description

1. Swivel arm length: 730+730mm; range of motion (radius): 530+530mm; horizontal rotation angle: 0-340°, the cross arm and the column can rotate at the same time, and the net load is ≥150kg. The rotating arm is equipped with a load-bearing reinforcement plate to increase the load-bearing capacity of the pendant tower and prevent the column from drifting due to the deformation of the pendant tower appearance.
2. Equipment trays on both sides of the guide rail: 3 pieces (the maximum load weight of each equipment tray is ≥ 50Kg), Height adjustable, both sides enclosed with 10*25mm international standard side rails, Anti-collision design with rounded corners. Equipment platform size: 550 * 400 mm;
3. One drawer, drawer inner diameter is 395*295*105mm.
4. Rotating infusion pole, manual up/down movement, four claw structure, excellent load capacity.
5. Suspender type column body, length: 1100mm, fully sealed design, no grooves on the surface and no metal leakage, gas and electricity separation, strong electricity and weak electricity separation.
6. Gas interface standard configuration: National standard gas terminal (German standard, American standard, British standard, European standard, etc. are optional), 2 oxygen, 1 vacuum suction, 1 compressed air; the colour and shape of the interface are different, With anti-misconnect function; more than 20,000 plug and unplug cycles. Interfaces can be used simultaneously.
7. Sockets: 3 (each socket can accept 2 three-pronged plugs at the same time);
8. Potential equalisation terminals: 2 pieces;
9. One port;
10. The main material used is made from high strength aluminium alloyed profiles; The entire design is fully enclosed, with no sharp angles on the surface and no exposed screws or bolts. It is equipped with an anti-rotation device and the surface is electrostatically sprayed with environmentally friendly powdered materials, which is semi-gloss, glare-free, ultraviolet resistant, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.
11. Communications, video and other equipment can be installed as required.
12. Rugged and solid, designed for ceiling mounting.

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