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CXLED700 Shadowless Lamp–New

Short Description:

Working environment conditions:

a) Environment temperature +10—+40°C;

b) The relative humidity is 30% to 75%;

c) Atmospheric pressure (500-1060) hPa;

d) Power supply voltage and frequency AC 220V±22V 50HZ±10HZ.

Product Detail

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Product advantages and features

1.Color temperature/brightness adjustment The lamp head is equipped with "LUM" LED lamp beads with different color temperatures to ensure tissue discrimination for various operations. The color rendering performance is good, the color temperature consistency is excellent, and it can pass electrical appliances and EMC tests very well. The whole lamp is equipped with 84 pcs of 700 lamp beads and 59 pcs of 500 lamp beads. The color temperature of the lamp bead adopts 4000K and 5700K to adjust the color temperature. The illumination is 700:180000LUX, 500 is 160000LUX, and the spot diameter is adjustable from 120-320.

LED Lamp bead test report:
2. Independent one-button central cavity mirror

One-button cavity mirror function can be turned on by pressing the cavity mirror button. After this function is turned on, the normal lamp bead will automatically turn off and the cavity mirror will be turned on. Press the cavity mirror button again to turn on the normal lamp bead. The laparoscope is designed with a large spot and a color temperature of 7000K, which is more in line with the requirements of laparoscopic surgery (the diameter of the spot can reach 400MM). The RGB color compensation mode can be turned on or off by pressing the compensation button.


RGB function is to obtain a variety of colors by changing the three color channels of red (R), green (G), and blue (B) and superimposing them with each other. RGB stands for red, green, and blue. The color of the three channels of blue, this standard includes almost all the colors that human vision can perceive, is the most widely used system at present, so red, green and blue are also called the three primary colors.
It is not easy for doctors to fatigue their eyes after working for a long time.
R: Red function, saturated red corresponds to R9 in the color rendering index, red light helps to better distinguish vascular tissue, the use of 610NM red light can promote wound healing, and has a therapeutic effect on skin infections.
G: Green function, saturated green corresponds to R11 in the color rendering index, compensates the R11 value to make its value reach the full spectrum standard.
B: Blue function, saturated blue corresponds to R12 in the color rendering index, blue light with a wavelength of 470NM has the effect of inhibiting inflammation, and compensates the R12 value to make it reach the full-spectrum standard.

4. Control System
Dual control circuit function: control hand box + soft control buttons
The spot focusing mechanism is equipped with soft control buttons, which support the switch at the disinfection handle and the adjustment of brightness and darkness:

Control circuit: The control circuit adopts independent constant current source design (not multi-channel shared drive), adopts stc microprocessor control scheme, stable performance through PWM signal control, accurate and efficient constant current output and low heat generation.

5.Function selection
LED700-500 Standard function:
1) Color temperature adjustment function
2) Brightness adjustment function
3) One-key RGB function
4) One-button laparoscopic function
5) Dual Control Line Function

Optional function:
1.Deep cavity function
2. 2. Superficial functions
3. Mutual control function between lamp heads
4. Intelligent shadow shading compensation function
5. RS485 function
6. Aseptic touch switch function
7. Electric focus function
8.1080P HD camera
9. 3.5 inch touch screen function

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