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Surgical light with monitor

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Meet the high-definition and high-reduction shooting requirements in clinical skills training,standardized training, surgical video, surgical teaching, academic conferences, surgical live broadcast, remote guidance, digital operating room, school medical skill teaching, etc. Use in different environments such as light, daily indoor light,etc

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·The image is accurate and real
The image processing system independently dev eloped by Hikvision can adapt to a variety of lighting environments. Through functions such as fast focusing, strong light suppression, and anti-filicker, it can provide clear images, true colors. and rich detalls In the envirorment of high-illuminance shadowlass lights up to 180,000 ls. High-quality images;bulit-In ND fiter, with avaluty ofscenemodes,more suitable for shooting under shadowiess light
·Stable and reliable, excellent performance
Designed with medical electrical standards, the electrical and material properties are stable and reliable. Suppert quidk startand low delay function, the start time is less than 10s, and the video output dolay is less than 100ms.
Rich interfaces and flexible access
ProvideSMA small SDI interface, flexible choice of UART or RS485 communication interface,support VISCA, Pelco PD and other communication protocols
-Small,lightweight and flexible installation
Ultra-small size, the outer diameter of the core is 60mm, and the weight is 190g, which is suitable for the internal installation of variousshadowless lamps
· Remote control
fich interface,flexeble access, floxble choice of UART or R$485 communi cotion interface,support V ISCA,Peico P/D and other communlication protocols, controll ed by computer or professional operating room controller.

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