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Medical stretcher/trolley/cart

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surgery docking stretcher/cart
I. The hand-cranked docking cart can be used to prevent cross-infection in the ward;
2. Cart body A is in the operating room and cart body B is outside the operating room. When they are adjusted at the same height, push cart B to cart A, and the two carts are docked, and then cart body C can be moved from one cart to the other along the track. vice versa;
3. There are clear arrow marks, which is convenient for users to operate;
4.Height range: 9 10mm-645mm,
5.Dimensions after docking: 3850 x 880mm Bed size: 1900 x 640mm
Back angle: 0]60°±5°
6. 2 pieces of liftable pp guardrail integrated blow molding bed panel
7. Standard accessories: mattress, IV pole.

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